Wed. May 18th, 2022
Essential Tools for Tennis Court Maintenance

Essential Tools for Tennis Court Maintenance

Tennis is one of the most popular sports played around the world, and as such, there are many places that offer tennis court rentals. Tennis courts require constant maintenance to keep them in good shape for playing on, which can be a lot of work! In this blog post, I’ll share some essential tools for tennis court maintenance.

1. Lawn Mower

For maintaining the look and feel of your grass tennis court, a good lawnmower is indispensable. Be sure to choose one that provides enough power for your court’s size and has the ability to adjust to different heights.

2. Weed Cutter / Shears

No tennis court is complete without a clean, well-manicured look. This means keeping the grass and weeds at bay. Work out your maintenance schedule with your care provider to ensure that you have a weed cutter on hand at all times.

3. String Trimmer

If you want to achieve professional results, consider adding a string trimmer to your tool kit. Use it for tidying up the edges of the court and cutting grasses that are growing over into your lawn.

4. Hose / Faucet Attachment

Regular watering is crucial during warmer months to keep grass healthy and prevent dust. If your court is not equipped with an automatic irrigation system, you’ll need to hook up a hose to your faucet or even bring out the sprinkler every couple of days.

5. Pressure Washer

An alternative to hosing down your court is the pressure washer. It’s more effective but be sure to follow all safety precautions before using one of these machines on your tennis court.

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6. Teardrop Aerator

To prevent an accumulation of thatch, use a teardrop aerator once per month to pull apart the grassroots. This leaves them unable to pick up water, which can lead to puddling and other problems.

7. Lawn Roller

Over time, many courts tend to have slight depressions due to use. If your court is one of them, invest in a lawn roller to help level it out. You can also use it to cover up unsightly cracks and water pockets.

8. Lawn Rake

The last thing you want is for your tennis court to be bumpy, which is why a good lawn rake will help smooth out the top layer of grasses. This ensures that players will have a nice, flat surface on which to bounce balls.

9. Lawn Spreader

If you live in an area that gets heavy rains, you’ll be dealing with mud on your court. Hosing it down won’t do enough to remove the mess; instead, use a lawn spreader to distribute grass seed and fertilizer across the playing surface.

10. Lawn Fertilizer

Professional tennis players spend countless hours practicing their swings. While this is great for them, it also has an adverse effect on the court’s turf. To make up for the wear and tear your court gets from regular play (and foot traffic!), spread grass seed and fertilizer to help keep your lawn healthy and green throughout the year.

A good set of equipment is essential to the upkeep and repair of a tennis court. These are equipment that is a must for every tennis court contractor.