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Nonitos Dull Victory Against Omar

Nonito’s combat the undefeated Argentinean Omar Narvaez last October 23, 2011. Though it will likely be an excellent victory for Nonito Donaire, by which he’d retained his twin world bantamweight titles, the transition, however, was too dull that lots of individuals who viewed the battle across the arena almost visited sleep of monotony.

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Boxing just as one Entertainment

Boxing, like a number of other sports, is unquestionably an entertainment which boxers are entertainers who’s goal isn’t only to create recognition and victory for group so that you can their country but in addition to entertain. This transition can also be where boxers be described as a superstar in boxing, for example Pacquaio’s signature victories by knockouts furthermore to his finest battles while using best boxers in Mexico, that was also why he was referred to as mexicutioner.

For Nonito Donaire, entertainment goes hands-in-hands with getting home excellent. However, based on latest Philippines boxing news, together with his combat Argentina’s undefeated boxer, Omar Narvaez, where the world had anticipated, wasn’t the type of fight the Nonito as well as the world were expecting.

Based on Boxing Analysts

Based on boxing analysts, Omar Narvaez’ goal ended up being survive, instead of give Nonito excellent of knocking him out, particularly together with his undefeated record.

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Thoughout the battle, The Filipino Flash, who won the WBC/WBO titles getting another round knockout of Fernando Montiel, just could not break through his rival’s defense. “I dropped my hands, offer an upright, one punch, but he did not need to go, you realize, he’s (Narvaez) here simply to (survive),” pointed out Donaire, who won $720,000, the best purse of his career.

“He’s here to get a good pay day,” pointed out Top Rank’s Bob Arum, the promoter within the fight that rewarded Narvaez employment milestone take of $250,000.

Pacquiao-Marquez 3

Though many Filipinos were slightly disappointed with Nonito’s combat Omar, probably most likely probably the most anticipated approaching fight between Pacquaio and Marquez gave many Filipinos another boxing match-around look-toward, particularly since Pacquiao had pointed out that he’ll make fight within the personal level.

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